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Prices for pre booked appointements at Studio Vie

holistic therapies & massage also acupuncture in croxley wd3

Mon – Sun:

9am - 8pm

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£50.00  Average  70-90minutes  

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(Acupuncture, Spine & Joint Correction & Holistic Massage)

Embrace the present moment through acupuncture, which are inserted at certain anatomical points of the body which will help relieve you of symptoms associated with many disease.

Excerpt BBC 2 TV programme, Trust Me I'm A Doctor :

Acupuncture "It’s possible that the needles may stimulate the nervous system to release neurotransmitters involved in pain-suppressing mechanisms ...Whatever the mechanism, though, it does seem that acupuncture can be as effective a painkiller as some traditional pain medication."RegisterMon – Sun: 

9am - 7pm